46 People On ‘The One Flaw That Made It The Hardest To Accept My Significant Other’

Published May 6, 2014 by michikohiilani

Proof that there is always something that will drive you crazy about someone else. But you just gotta deal with it. You know, get a straw and suck it up. Build a bridge and get over it. ^.^ Because Love is worth it

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Compiled from AskReddit.

►►haley ►►haley

Leaving the cabinet doors open

She just cannot seem to put the lid back on anything! Drives me insane. Milk, nail polish, you name it. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve spilled. It used to cause a lot of arguments but I eventually accepted that, no matter how many times I mention it, she is set in her ways.
Also, she doesn’t close the cabinet doors. woke up one morning thinking there was a bowl, plate, and cookware thief in town.

She’s expecting an invasion

She leaves cups of water all around the house like the movie signs was the most influential thing in her life.

One of those people…

She thinks I’m a mind reader.

At least once a day she will suddenly start talking about something she has been thinking about for the past 5 minutes expecting me to be up…

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