36 Things to do when you are absolutely bored out of your mind

Published May 12, 2014 by michikohiilani

1. Read a book (Right now my favorite author is Dean Koontz)

2. Learn how to play a song on an instrument (you know, that keyboard that is all dusty because you never touch it)

3. Organize/get rid of clothes

4. Clean your house and car

5. Go to the beach / pool

6. Bake something from scratch

7. Try to actually DO one of those hundreds of DIYʻs you watch

8. Go for a run

9. work out

10. Go on a picnic

11. Climb a tree (just cause…. bring out the inner child :D)

12. Go sight seeing

13. Be a tourist for a day

14. Get a part time job

15. Do homework

16. Take a class in something youʻve never done before (dance, yoga, music, astronomy, karate etc)

17. Join a recreational sport (archery, karate, rugby, tennis)

18. Volunteer (humane society, cook food for homeless, …… as a tribute…)

19. Plan out your schedule for the upcoming months and get started on things that can be done now.

20. BBQ

21. Take a nap

22. Paint your nails

23. change your hairstyle

24. Window shopping

25. Go as long as possible without using electronics (computers, cell phones, iPods, etc. Landlines are fine and using iPods solely for the use of music and a camera is fine too… but it would be great if you could try to make your own music ^.^ )

26. Go as long as possible without using any kind of TECHNOLOGY (everything stated above except absolutely no phones, iPods, no TV, no electricity… only allowed to use the sinks and bath tub to wash… no lights, all candles…. etc… walk everywhere.. you will save money for that amount of time too ^-^)

27. Visit family

28. Go out with friends

29. Write a short story

30. draw / paint

31. learn how to skateboard

32. learn how to roller blade

33. Just learn how to something you didn’t know how to do before

34. conquer your fears

35. renovate a part of your house

36. observe your surroundings. Try to notice things you didn’t notice before


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